The Do’s and Don’ts When Renting a Satellite Phone

The rental of satellite phones have greatly increased over the last six years.  This demand has been from people traveling outside of cellular and landline coverage who want the piece of mind that in an emergency they can get help with a simple phone call.  They also want the ability to stay in touch with family and friends while they travel.  Looking back when I sold some of the first “bag” cellular phones on the market the same reasons were used from customers that did not own a cell phone.  Now everyone owns a cell phone.     

How do you find a satellite phone to rent?  In most cases you will not be able to run down to the local cellular store and pick one up and if you call them they will most likely tell you “There is no such thing as a handheld satellite phone”.   

Most people find satellite phones on the Internet which can be shipped to their home or business to arrive on a certain desired delivery date.  Satellite phones can normally be rented by the week or by the month.  The fees can be seasonal depending on the time of year similar to fluctuating hotel rates.  Be careful some satellite phone providers will have hidden fees like daily minimum usage fees which can substantially increase the cost of your rental.  GlobalCom has never charged these hidden fees.    

In most cases the customer will have a number of options when choosing airtime rates.  If the customer plans to only use the phone in an emergency they can choose the flat rate per minute a pay-as-you go option.  If the rental customer plans to use the phone more they can choose a number of prepaid bundled minute plans offered by GlobalCom which are discounted.

Numerous optional accessories are available including data kits allowing you access to the Internet using a PC.  Other options include cigarette lighter adapters, solar panels, water-proof cases, leather cases, extra batteries and more.

GlobalCom currently recommends the Iridium rental unit which provides un-paralleled planetary coverage with their constellation of 66 satellites.  Iridium is the only phone providing total planetary coverage.  For more information on the Iridium service go to this link

The Iridium system provides true global communication coverage including oceans, and all land areas including the Poles. The Iridium system blankets the Earth, connecting global satellite coverage with local ground-based wireless services. Learn more about our Iridium Service

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