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Customer Experience with the Spot Locator

Fishing is a beloved pastime for many Americans and deep-sea fishing presents many thrills and challenges for those who love spending time outdoors. While fishing may seem to be a fairly safe activity, situations do arise away from shore, which make the Spot Locator and Messenger handy.

One family discovered just how important a Spot Locator can be during an offshore fishing expedition. A father and his two sons, Spot Messenger customers, planned a trip off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to celebrate the father’s recent retirement. Seasoned offshore game fisherman, the three men dropped anchor for the night. Soon afterward, the dad began showing symptoms of a heart attack.

Knowing that time was of an essence, his sons used the boat’s Spot Locator to contact emergency responders to help air lift their father to the hospital. With coverage up to a hundreds of thousands of miles offshore, the Spot Satellite Messenger and Personal Tracker can mean the difference between life and death should someone become lost or incapacitated while in the outdoors.

The rugged, waterproof construction of the Spot Messenger and Personal Tracker makes it an ideal addition to any outdoor adventure, including a boating trip, keeping you and your family and friends safe and connected. What’s more, the Spot Messenger offers a range of services, such as the ability to transmit your location to friends and family every 10 minutes for a 24-hour period. Give yourself greater peace of mind during your next exploration of the natural world with the Spot Satellite Messenger and Personal Tracker.