Satellite Phones Provide Emergency Communication at Globalcom

Satellite Phones Provide Emergency Communication

Communications are vital in times of emergency therefore, a clear voice and data communications are available immediately, totally mobile and, above all, reliable. Get full communication capabilities with the Globalstar satellite phone at Globalcom. The QUALCOMM Globalstar satellite phones will give you the utmost assurances almost anywhere in the world, even in areas where there is total devastation and no electricity. Since QUALCOMM Globalstar phones work as cellular phones where cellular coverage is available and as a satellite telephone where it isn’t, your communications are completely independent of any local telephony infrastructure. No need to worry about service disruptions because of power failures or other events common in disaster areas.

Who Can Use the QUALCOMM Globalstar Satellite Phone?

  •     Red Cross
  •     Doctors
  •     Police
  •     Fire Departments
  •     Ambulance Services
  •     Private Security
  •     Military Search and Rescue
  •     Offices of Emergency Services
  •     Government Emergency Organizations

One easy to operate, handheld satellite phone turns your backpack or field unit into a mobile office with full communication capabilities. Rescue teams and other early assessment personnel can communicate among teams and with headquarters. Teams can use Globalstar satellite phones as an in-field communication center to coordinate development and relief efforts.

Emergency teams can also send important data to each other by taking advantage of the data and positioning capabilities of the portable satellite telephone. You can access the internet when connected to a computer or PDA, or take advantage of phone services such as short messaging service (SMS), position location, and Caller ID.

Try out the QUALCOMM Globalstar GSP-1600 portable tri-mode satellite phone and the QUALCOMM Globalstar portable hands-free car kit, if you have a mobile operations center. The kit provides a cradle for mounting the portable Globalstar satellite phones in an emergency vehicle. The car kit electronics are connected to a Globalstar antenna mounted on the vehicle that provides satellite reception. You can also connect a cellular antenna for cellular reception as an option. Enjoy the convenience of a hands-free phone while working in the center. You are free to take the Globalstar satellite phone wherever you may need to go.

Satellite Telephone Data Capabilities
The QUALCOMM data capabilities include Globalstar satellite data services that let you to access the internet or any TCP/IP packet-switched data network when connected to a computer or PDA. These data services also allow you to send and receive e-mail, access corporate data networks and intranets, web browsing, etc. Additional data capabilities include short messaging service (SMS), position location and Caller ID. Data transmission over-the-air provides a full-duplex rates of up to 9600 bits per second, with no additional modem or dedicated telephone circuits required.