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Globalstar Satellite Phone Data Services

Go Beyond The Limits Of Cellular!

When work or life takes you beyond cellular coverage, Globalstar will provide you with the remote data services that keep you connected to the information you need, when you need it. If weather, web email, news and access to information are important to you, consider Globalstar Satellite Phones Data Services to keep in touch with family and colleagues. Click Here To View The World Wide Coverage Map that shows where Globalstar Data Services/Internet Access is available!

Internet Access from Globalstar will allow you to go beyond the limits of cellular data services. It is easy to install and use, you choose what your Globalstar phone is attached to: a laptop computer or a PDA (personal digital assistant). You do not have to worry about hassling with 12 keys on a phone keypad and limited lines of text on a small phone display screen.

Globalstar Data Services offers up to three times the data link-up speed of most mobile satellite services. Use of the satellite communications reliability, Globalstar Satellite Phone Data Services keeps you connected with the rest of the world.


  •     9.6 kbps native data speed
  •     33 kbps with a compression service subscription
  •     Globalstar CDMA digital satellite phone service


  •     Qualcomm serial cable that connects your Globalstar phone to your computer or PDA
  •     CD-ROM containing set-up programs and a User Guide
  •     Data service pocket guide


  •     Qualcomm Globalstar GSP-1600 Tri-Mode Satellite Phone & Cell Phone (software version or higher)
  •     A computer, PDA, or other computer device capable of Internet access using dial-up PPP via an external modem connection
  •     PDA handheld device or an Apple Computer may require additional adapters, null modem adapter, and/or gender adapter

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