Star Lease Program from Globalcom Satellite Phones

Star Lease Program from Globalcom

“Don’t buy technology, lease it”

Benefits include:

  •     No Capital Expense dollars
  •     No Assets to depreciate
  •     Service expenses can be written off
  •     Better Budget Planning
  •     Get all the equipment you need now to complete your project

Unit Minimums required for lease

  •     25 phones (GSP-1600, FAU-200, SAT-550) These units can be mixed on the same lease
  •     10 phones (GSP-2900 series)
  •     100 (GSP-1620 data modems)

Lease rates are based upon the example of a 36 month lease. We can customize the lease to you needs 12 and 24 month terms are available. All lease products must be associated with active service. Credit approval required.

Lease end options include:

  •     Purchase at fair market value
  •     New lease with the latest technology
  •     Month-to-month
  •     Return of equipment

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