Satellite Phone – Globalstar Equipment and Coverage for Iraq by GlobalCom

Globalstar Satellite Phone Equipment & Coverage For Iraq

Now stay in touch with your family or business associates everywhere in Iraq. Globalstar now offers satellite phone coverage everywhere in Iraq for only $1.39 cents per minute. Inbound calls are only .99 per minute.

GlobalCom is recommending the Globalstar satellite phone for use in Iraq. The Globalstar will give you the best call clarity of any satellite phone in the Industry. The Globalstar GSP-1600 phone is on sale for $299.00. We have a limited supply of demo satellite phones for only $149.00. The basic phone includes one battery, AC wall charger and manual. The Globalstar phone is hand held and is as simple to us as a cellular phone.

GlobalCom recommends the Emergency Plan Globalstar satellite phone service plan which is $29.99 a month. We recommend the Emergency Plan because the package minutes included in Freedom and Liberty plans are only good for use in the U.S. Inbound calls from anywhere to the Globalstar phone in Iraq is a flat 99 cents per minute and outbound calls from Iraq to the U.S. are only 1.39 per minute.

We can normally ship a working phone in 24 hours. Also take advantage of our FREE ground shipping.

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