How does Globalstar satellite phone provide service in Iraq?

Before the war started in Iraq, the U.S. State Department prohibited U.S. based satellite phone services including Globalstar from providing satellite phone service in Iraq. Shortly after the war in Iraq started Globalstar was called upon by the U.S. State Department to provide satellite phone service as part of the war effort. The Globalstar satellite phone system is the most intelligent satellite phone system in the world. Using the accuracy of GSP coordinates Globalstar can pinpoint areas on the planet where they are allowed to provide satellite phone service or the service to areas where they are not allowed to provide service. If a roaming agreement is not in place with certain country to provide satellite service or there is an area where the U.S. State Department prohibits service being provided Globalstar can block services to those areas with pinpoint accuracy. Cuba and Iran are currently a few of the countries the State Department prohibits satellite phone service from being provided. Globalstar is now the number one provider of satellite phone services in the Iraq region. Ninety-percent of the satellite phones provided by GlobalCom for use in Iraq region are Globalstar. Iraq is currently served by two Globalstar gateways one in Turkey and one in Saudi Arabia. After the war started the first gateway to start providing satellite phone service in Iraq was the gateway located in Turkey. The Globalstar gateway located in Turkey at the time was serving Eastern Europe and was called upon to also provide satellite phone service to Iraq. When the Saudi gateway was called upon to provide overlapping coverage to Iraq, Kuwait was added to the Globalstar coverage area. The Saudi gateway also provides satellite phone service to all of Saudi as well as other neighboring countries.

Because of the importance of sustaining high quality service, Globalstar wanted two gateways in place to provide overlapping serve in Iraq. One purpose of the overlapping service was to allow the call loads to be distributed across both gateways which prevent possibility of system overloads. If either gateway requires system maintenance the other gateway sustains uninterrupted service to the region. System maintenance is normally only done in the early AM hours during low call traffic periods. The Globalstar satellite constellation includes 48 satellites which gives each user up to four satellites that can be utilized for each call giving redundancy with path diversification for each call. All Globalstar satellite phone gateways have redundant backup systems built into each gateway preventing system downtime. Globalstar uses CDMA signal technology which gives the satellite phone user the best quality service available which results in a low amount of dropped calls and the best call clarity in the industry. This dedication to the highest quality of service has proven too have been a success.

Without Globalstar satellite phones, affordable communication would be very limited to our solders and contractors in Iraq region. Globalcom continues to be one of the largest providers of low cost satellite phone handset users in the Iraq region. The user receives a standard U.S. phone number beginning with area code 254 making it easy to get calls from home. The Globalstar satellite phone can also receive free incoming text messaging from anyone with access to the Internet. GlobalCom partnered with Globalstar provides satellite phone service to users requiring voice and data service everywhere in the United States and Iraq as well as over 130 other countries.

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