GSP 2900 Data Services – Remote Terminated Data Service

GSP 2900 Data Services – Remote Terminated Data Service (RTD)

Globalstar offers an optional Remote Terminated Data Service (RTD) for the GSP 2900 Fixed Phone.


  • This service offers a user the ability to establish data calls with a remote monitoring system via the GSP 2900 and the Globalstar Satellite Network. A GSP 2900 configured with the RTD service allows the client to dial into the remote site, and poll, download or upload information to and from the monitoring equipment.
  •  Allows sites that have intelligent meters to make standard meter readings and have the head office call out for software updates, special unscheduled data calls, etc.
  •  Normally, the GSP 2900 Fixed Phone can receive and send voice calls. When RTD service is enabled, the following will result:
    • For Inbound calling, the fixed phone can only receive data calls – no voice calls. (Refer to Diagram 1)
    • For Outbound calling, the fixed phone can continue to send voice and data (Direct Internet & Direct Dial-up) calls. (Refer to Diagram 2)
  •  Companies that would benefit from this service would be those who require remote monitoring, SCADA, and unmanned data retrieval.

Inbound Calling and Outbound Calling

NOTE: Remote Terminated Data Service is NOT available on the FAU-200 Fixed Phone

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