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Which is the Best Satellite Internet Service Provider for Rural Areas?

Living in the countryside certainly has its perks, but it also has its downside. For one thing, Internet connection is not readily offered in rural areas. People who are looking for the most convenient way to obtain Internet access in such regions may have to ultimately rely on satellite Internet service providers.

Choosing the Right Provider
Unlike other types of Internet connection, satellite Internet does not have as many service providers. This type of Internet access, however, is a person’s best choice in rural areas as it’s available in all forty-eight continental states.

Subscription plans offered by this service provider range from those designed for exclusive home use to packages that would greatly benefit even large-sized companies. While these plans may vary according to downstream and upstream capabilities as well as price of course, all of them do offer a 30-day guarantee, virus-filtering and anti-spam software, and multiple email addresses.

You can apply for a subscription plan through any of the company’s major resellers, like Globalcom. Upon subscription, you will be required to honor a 24-month contract. Installation and activation fees vary but are occasionally waived in accordance to current promotional offers.

Wild Blue
This company offers its customers a no-fuss satellite Internet solution. Subscription plans may be availed for as low as $54.95 per month. Connection speed may be as high as 1.5Mbps and installation fees are waived if you sign up online. As for the installation itself, all you need to ascertain is that your PC is equipped with an Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) and the rest shall be taken care of WildBlue’s professional crew.

If all you need is Internet access then you’ll do well with Skyway’s affordable subscription plans. Their Bronze plan, for instance, will cost you only $29.95 per month while letting you enjoy up to 256Kbps – which is definitely several times faster than dialup Internet. All subscription plans from Skyway nevertheless include dialup Internet access.

As for installation, you have the option of installing the equipment yourself and thus saving you a considerable amount on installation fees.

Finally, there’s Starband with its two major subscription offers. The primary difference between them is that Nova 1000 lets you enjoy up to 1.0Mbps speed while Nova 1500 allows you to enjoy faster connection at a maximum of 1.5Mbps as well as greater storage space, more email addresses, and faster upload speed. Last but not the least, Starband allows users to enjoy free downloading from 12mn to 6am.

The Best Choice?
In rural areas, satellite ISPs definitely have broadband companies beaten because they offer reliable connection even in areas where broadband Internet may not even be available. And as far as satellite ISPs are concerned, our HughesNet satellite internet wins hands-down because of its wide variety of subscription plans. Whatever your Internet connection needs may be, HughesNet is sure to provide them.

New Hope for Internet-Challenged Rural Areas with the Economic Stimulus Bill


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