Hurricane Preparedness

GlobalCom has prepared for the hurricane season by stocking one of the largest inventories of satellite phones in the nation.

We recommend you must prepare “before” the hurricane season. It has been our experience prior to a hurricane hitting the coast the tremendous demand for satellite phones could result in delays in delivery and issues with shippers being able to deliver into areas where a hurricane is projected to hit the coast. Globalcom highly recommends arranging the purchase or rental of satellite phones prior to hurricane season.

GlobalCom recommends our flagship product the Iridium phone which will give coverage everywhere in the U.S. as well as the planet even in the event your local telephone infrastructure is disrupted by a hurricane.

You can rent the Iridium phone. Rental units will be in short supply during hurricane season they will be on a first come first serve bases. Be prepared and arrange your rental unit prior to hurricane season. Learn more Iridium Phone Rentals

If you are interested in purchasing satellite phones we recommend our Iridium phone. Our new Iridium handheld phone is currently on sale for $1395.00 after $100.00 instant rebate. We have a limited supply of refurbished units for $1175.00 each. These units include a FULL Retail Box with AC travel charger w/int’l adapters, (1) High Cap Battery, Antenna Adapter, Auxiliary Antenna, Cigarette Adapter, Manual, Leather Case, ear piece, and one year warranty. Our new Iridium To Go Kit is a popular package for $1469.00 or demo for $1275.00. The Iridium To Go Kit includes 9505A Phone, AC travel charger w/int’l adapters, (1) High Cap Battery, Antenna Adapter, Auxiliary Antenna, Cigarette Adapter, Manual, Leather Case, ear piece, Custom Pelican Water-proof hard case one year warranty.

Our Iridium 9505A handheld phone has the option of prepaid service. With Iridium prepaid service there is no monthly fee and no contract. Choose from plans offering minutes good for one month to one year. With prepaid plans minutes can be recharged by a simple phone call to customer service during normal working hours. Learn more Iridium prepaid service

GlobalCom offers Iridium Beam Fixed Satellite phone that will allow you to use a standard off the shelf phone indoors. The Beam RST100A, Intelligent Remote Satellite Terminal is designed for all remote and emergency communications applications, fixed or mobile. The terminal provides an intelligent RJ11/POTS interface emulating all the standard features of a PSTN (Public Telephone Service) telephone service. The user operates the connected equipment as though using a standard telephone connection, as the unit is equipped to provide configurable ring, busy and dial tones, along with off-hook detection. The Intelligent interface allows for easy installation providing flexibility for maximum run cable length from the RJ11 port as well as the use of cordless and corded telephone equipment. Learn more Iridium Beam RST100A

The Intelligent interface of the RST100A Beam terminal enables the integration of the terminal to a PBX system. This enables the service to be accessed directly from a standard telephone connected to the PBX. The Beam terminal supports long runs of standard copper telephone wire up to 1000 metres. Multiple extensions can be connected to the terminal.

For more information on the full product line of Iridium handheld and fixed site phones go to this link:

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