Globalstar Introduces the Satellite WiFi Device Named Sat-Fi

If you don’t know anything about satellite communications and phones, then most definitely you’ve been living under the rock. Although they still remain less popular than cellular and smart phones, which are sprouting everywhere, they are considered the best alternatives to standard mobile devices. Over time, too, they have developed to become more responsive, more reliable, more portable, and definitely more effective than their predecessors. They’re able to do that by the design and sale of new technologies such as Sat-Fi.

Sat-Fi is the latest satellite data and voice solution offered by Globalstar. With it you won’t have to miss your smart phone at all. What it does is to simply convert any of your mobile device into a seemingly satellite phone, allowing them not only to send and receive calls or text messages  but eventually connect themselves online via WiFi. Certain BGAN terminals can do this, but what makes Sat-Fi a lot better is it’s handier and backed by a reliable and well-maintained satellite constellation from Globalstar.

Why Get a Sat-Fi

With the introduction of Sat-Fi, we expect you to enjoy massive benefits from your own mobile device. One, you spend significantly less than buying a traditional satellite phone. While most satellite phones can cost you at least a thousand dollars, the Sat-Fi doesn’t break the bank. In fact, Globalcom offers it at the best value for money, something that can surely be afforded by the masses.

Second, you can make mobile phones more functional, especially in certain delicate situations. Should you find yourself in an area that doesn’t have any stable communication line, you can just transform your mobile phone, laptop, or even a tablet into a satellite phone. Satellite phones have gained positive notoriety because of its ability to let you communicate outside cellular coverage. This is because the network doesn’t rely on any cellular tower but rather on the satellites that are circulating into space. They are less vulnerable to interruptions caused by disasters, whether man-made or natural, and limited telecommunication infrastructure, among others.

Third, the Sat-Fi has been designed to be just as efficient as any other mobile device that is connected online. Subscribers can expect good transmission speed, excellent data quality, and clear communication at a price they can afford.

Sat-Fi in the Midst

Globalcom has also identified a lot of scenarios and areas where the Sat-Fi can be such of a huge help. It can provide immediate emergency response, particularly in times of disasters. Very clear examples included Hurricane Katrina and Sandy that toppled a lot of lines and interrupted cellular signal. The recent polar vortex and the Northeast blackout last 2013 can also be instances when Sat-Fi can be of extremely large help. Responders can receive real-time notifications either through text or phone. If they are manning a database, the Sat-Fi allows them to connect seamless online to collaborate and share information even when power is not around.

Sat-Fi can also be handy to the adventurers, such as hikers, mountain climbers, and sailors. Being handy, the device is comfortable enough to carry around. It also fits very small spaces. Most of all, it allows anyone quite far from usual modes of communication access to information and messages in real time. Especially when you’re in the middle of the ocean, the location prevents you from being close to cellular towers, which could strengthen data signals at any given time.

Globalcom also believes that the accessory will be useful to specific industries such as oil and gas, as well as industrial facilities where an open uninterrupted communication is crucial in making financial and administrative decisions.  For as long as the destination is fully supported by Globalcom, Sat-Fi can be used, which means enterprises should have lesser fear in setting up and managing offshore offices.

This also becomes essential for people who like to live off the grid. The desire for connectivity can instantly be met. The device is designed to complement every person’s lifestyle and communication preference.

According to Globalstar’s CEO and chairman Jay Monroe, "It has been our vision to seamlessly integrate satellite and terrestrial coverage, and through many years of research and development, we are thrilled to announce this proprietary new technology and service offering in order to expand the use and appeal of our mobile satellite services to a much larger addressable market.” Monroe further added that with the introduction of the scalable Sat-Fi, subscribers and potential customers can fully appreciate the power and effectiveness of satellite communication. He hopes that the product will continuously build customer base and allow everyone to have the most ideal solution to out-of-cellular-coverage connectivity.

Sat-Fi is expected to be shipped in the second or third quarter of 2014, right after the release of the last FCC certification. Various bundles will be offered, from consumer to enterprise and government.

Posted by Steve Manley