Satellite Phones for Winter Emergencies

To say that the planet Earth is getting weird is an understatement. A long time ago, the issue of global warming or climate change has been put on the sidelines, perhaps because the real effects haven’t been felt yet. But when the Inconvenient Truth came out and varied weather conditions happened all around the globe, we started to pay a closer attention—even way closer.

Take, for example, winter. This season is definitely not uncommon. In fact, it’s experienced by the entire North America, Europe, and even some parts of Asia. Some areas have snow or ice for 12 months.

However, the “wintertime” this year seems oddly different. In the United States, there’s a huge winter storm that’s sweeping across the East Coast and the rest of the Midwest. It’s traveling at a fast pace, covering several key places such as New York, Boston, and Chicago. The snow is seen to be at least a foot in depth. Moreover, the temperature is expected to drop by -6 degrees Celsius. Residents are strongly warned of very slippery roads that can cause serious injuries and accidents, as well as cancellations of no less than a thousand flights.