The World’s Most Dangerous Vacation Destinations — And What Cautions to Take

Some travelers like to have it easy on vacations. They like to take a short plane ride to a popular resort town, lounge on the beach with cocktail in hand, and see the see the same attractions that countless thousands of oher travelers have seen before them. This certainly makes for a comfortable, relaxing, simple vacation.

However, other travelers are completely and utterly bored by this idea of vacation. These travelers enjoy high-adrenaline treks into unexplored territories and action-packed trips into difficult-to-access regions of the globe. If you are one of these latter types, you are probably looking for your next great adventure. Here’s a list of some of the most dangerous places in the world that provide the best makings for an amazing vacation.


Though this land-locked country in Africa is home to some of Africa’s most prized and beautiful tourist destinations — Victoria Falls and the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, for example — it is also one of the most volatile regions in the world. The deplorable economic conditions of the country have left plenty of its natives eyeing wealthy tourists as targets of mugging, armed robbery, or worse.

Plus, because Zimbabwe has an unstable government like so many African nations, it is completely feasible that in the middle of your vacation, the government will be overtaken by a military coup. While all this danger certainly makes for fantastic vacation stories, in order to tell them you should ensure you will have the ability to return back home; for safety in Zimbabwe or any of these regions, learn about satellite phones to allow quick communication anywhere in the world.


Yemen is still a developing country in many aspects, but the pristine beaches on the country’s southern coast are starting to attract the attention of tourists. The waters of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean create perfect conditions for a plethora of enjoyable vacation activities, like snorkeling, diving, and surfing. While in these bourgeoning tourist areas travelers can find plenty of amenities, Yemen remains a hotbed for crimes like carjacking and mugging.

Additionally, authorities suspect that notorious terrorist organization Al Qaeda have set up headquarters in the country, and a handful of terrorist attacks in 2008 — some resulting in injuries to American tourists — have made the region a risky place to travel.


The only continent in the world that is uninhabited by humans, Antarctica makes a stunning location for adventurous travelers. Unlike many of the locations on this list, you don’t risk being the victim of crime or revolution while you’re in Antarctica; instead, you expose yourself to bodily harm from nature’s wrath alone.

Though the unmarred landscape is brilliant, temperatures can drop down to a bone-chilling minus 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Tours to Antarctica occur throughout the summer and will take you hiking, kayaking, and more over the Antarctic glaciers, but you should be careful to follow your guide’s instructions and look into satellite phone rentals in case of emergency.

Myanmar and Burma

A tiny country tucked away in Southeast Asia, Myanmar is a beautiful region packed with spiritual and cultural attractions for the adventurous traveler. The unique customs and cuisine alone make it a one-of-a-kind vacation experience. However, while Myanmar is a stunning country with a fascinating and unfamiliar culture, it lacks much of the infrastructure most tourists require on their vacations.

The country lacks ATMs and cash machines, making money transfers exceedingly difficult for foreigners, and doctors and health care providers generally lack the Western technology most travelers see as necessary for healing and wellness. On top of this, police and military personnel tend to be unforgiving of travelers’ transgressions. The government is harsh on political activists, so it is wise to be on your best behavior, lest you end up as a political prisoner.


Central America looks like the perfect place for the luxury traveler: warm, tropical temperatures, white sand beaches on Caribbean waters, and delicious, flavorful food from local cultures. However, no matter how picturesque the Guatemala tries to portray its tourist havens of Antigua and Panachajel, it can’t totally obscure the astonishingly high rates of crime all over the country.

Drug-related crime in particular is rampant all over Central America, and kidnappings and ransoms occur frequently by drug cartels looking to make a quick buck off wealthy tourists. Additionally, the rates of sexual crimes are only increasing within Guatemala, so solo female travelers should be careful to protect themselves accordingly.


Eastern Europe is full of wild country ripe for exploration. Georgia’s mountains and valleys offer travelers unparalleled views of snow caps and verdant fields. However, despite the vast open spaces available to adventurers, Georgia can be a dangerous place to visit. Though the revolutions and military occupations of nearby Ukraine haven’t yet reached Georgia’s borders, the country has been unstable for years. Terrorists find Georgia perfect for hideouts, and their presence only increases the likelihood of an attack on tourist areas or embassies.

Written by Steve Manley