Keeping Medical Missions in Remote Areas Safer with Satellite Phone Rentals

One of the most common concerns for medical practitioners and volunteers on medical missions is communication. Many medical emergencies and procedures rely on timely exchange of information and immediate response. There is also the concern for safety of medical personnel. The simple step of renting a satellite phone can help minimize unnecessary risk and help ensure that volunteers are not only safe but also efficient. With satellite phone rentals, medical missions in remote areas are safer and better organized.

Advantages of satellite phones
Satellite phones are essentially wireless communication devices that allow the user to make and receive phone calls even without a land-based or cellular network. These phones utilize satellites to bounce signals from the transmitter to the receiver. Because signal is always available on land surface, medical mission volunteers are assured of a reliable means for constant communication, something that is not readily available with more conventional modes of telecommunications such as landlines and cellular phones.

Probably the main drawback to the use of a satellite phone is the cost, something that many users are wary of incurring. The good news is that it is quite easy to rent a satellite phone since this type of service is readily available. At Globalcom, we can offer several packages that meet specific needs, allowing you to significantly minimize cost and focus instead on more important issues and concerns. You have the technology you can use without the expense.

Satellite phones make medical missions in remote areas that much safer by ensuring that medical practitioners have access to an effective mode of communication that does not rely on a land-based physical structure in order to work. Because of this, users are not limited by common issues such as defective phone units and wirings, unreliable network service or locations that are out of coverage.

At Globalcom, we can provide medical mission volunteers a means to keep their team safe, even in remote, out-of-the-way areas. By renting a satellite phone, volunteers can keep in constant touch with their main base, a city hospital or major health facility and medical suppliers. With a satellite phone rental, medical mission volunteers can easily get in touch with other doctors and medical practitioners, exchange information, ask for verification and support, order fresh medical supplies and even request for additional personnel.

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