Places to go with a Satellite Phone

There are regions on the Earth that are not covered by cellular service. Despite decades of terrestrial build, the United States has vast areas where there is no cellular coverage. A handheld satellite phone rental fills this void of communication with a simple, dependable, and low cost solution. Remote areas in the western United States and Canada, where people frequently hunt and fish, are void of cellular communication. Short term satellite phone rentals can be your answer to this void in communication. When traveling to Mexico, Central or South America, you no longer have to be worried about staying in touch with family, friends, or colleagues when you rent a satellite phone. A satellite telephone rental can provide you service where cellular and landlines do not!

A satellite rental phone will always keep you in touch when traveling to Russia, Australia, or China as long as you are outdoors away from large structures and trees. Our Iridium satellite phone rental can even keep you in touch when traveling on the oceans or the poles. Iridium delivers service to users who need communication access to and from remote locations where no other form of communication is available. If you plan a trip to Antarctica, don’t worry, simply rent an Iridium satellite phone and stay in touch. The rates are inexpensive making it affordable for anyone to rent a satellite phone when traveling outside of cellular range. Never leave home with one. The Iridium satellite phone rental unit can provide service for you globally. You can use satellite phone rentals virtually everywhere on the planet as long as you are outside. Globalstar satellite phone rentals offer an affordable rate for calls to the U.S. while traveling internationally.

Countries Where you can Use a Globalstar Satellite Phone Rental Include:

Afghanistan Albania Algeria Andorra Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Azores Bahrain Belgium Belize Bosnia Brazil Bulgaria Costa Rica Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark El Salvador Estonia Faeroe Islands Finland France Georgia Germany Gibraltar Greece Greenland Guatemala Honduras Hungary Iceland Iraq Ireland Italy Japan Kazakhstan Korea Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Latvia Lebanon Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Malta Mexico Moldova Monaco Mongolia Morocco Netherlands Nicaragua Norway Oman Panama Poland Portugal Qatar Romania Russia and Baltic Nations San Marino Saudi Arabia Serbia/Montenegro Slovenia South Korea Southern Japan Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Tajikistan Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan UAE United Kingdom Ukraine Uzbekistan Vatican City Western Sahara Yugoslavia Argentina Chile Colombia Egypt French Antilles Guyana Paraguay Suriname Uruguay Venezuela Bolivia Ecuador Peru

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