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Maritime: Pleasure Craft

Do you plan on single-handing a Columbia 34 up the coast? Marlin fishing in the Florida Keys? Ferrying friends to an island resort? Wouldn’t it be great to know that you can just pick up your QUALCOMM QM-2800M Fixed Satellite Maritime Phone or the GSP-1600 Portable Tri-Mode Satellite Phone anywhere you take your vessel? You can get in touch with business associates or friends hundreds or thousands of miles away? Unlike ship-to-shore radio, you will not have to worry about eavesdroppers. Plus you will enjoy greater clarity, lower cost and convenience than ship-to-shore. Satellite phones are a convenient, secure, high quality and cost-effective solution to help you communicate up to 200 miles offshore. Think of your current communication system, then think of the possibilities with a cost-effective satellite communication solution.

  • Phone your family or friends to let them know of a change in plans. Contact a physician or other professional to talk and get you through an emergency situation. Stay in touch when you’re out at sea. Surf the Internet (*1) by just connecting a QUALCOMM Globalstar satellite phone to a computer. Access the web and receive updates on your stocks or information on leisure activities at your next port of call. Send a storm alert when a sudden squall appears. With the Globalstar(tm) Communications System you will always be informed immediately of shifts in the weather, changes in plans or technical problems. Use the satellite phone’s position location (* 2), digital fax (* 1) or data capabilities (* 1). If you end up getting off on a smaller boat or go ashore, take the portable phone with you and communicate no matter where you are.
  • Keep your crew happy knowing they can stay in touch with family and friends.

Anywhere within range of a Globalstar Gateway, you’ll have access to coastal and inland communications, because QUALCOMM portable satellite phones work as cellular phones where cellular coverage is available and as satellite phones where it isn’t.

QUALCOMM has two solutions for maritime communications: the QM-2800M Fixed Satellite Maritime Phone and the GSP-1600 Portable Tri-Mode Satellite Phone.

Fixed Satellite Phone Connectivity

The GSP-2800M Fixed Satellite Maritime Phone connects the ship’s fixed phones or PBX/key system via standard twisted pair connections to the Globalstar satellite constellation. Separate data† port and pay phone options are also available. Any standard telephone set, such as a corded handset, cordless handset or hands-free speakerphone can be used with the fixed maritime product. The fixed maritime product has been weather-proofed for use in a maritime environment. This rugged phone is ideally suited for environments where rain, corrosion, salt spray, splashing and high-pressure water are common. To use the fixed satellite phone on-board, simply affix the external Radio Antenna Unit (RAU) to the boat’s mast, rail, or to a standard 1″ pipe mount to provide unblocked access to the Globalstar satellite constellation. The RAU can be powered with a solar collector, AC/DC converter, battery or other power source. Since it requires 12VDC to operate, the fixed satellite phone is ideal for most boats, which normally have a reliable source of 12VDC power on-board.

Portable Satellite Phone Usage

The GSP-1600 Portable Tri-Mode Satellite phone is great for boat operators who want the complete portability convenience in addition to a cabin phone. Although it is designed to operate only on-deck with a full-sky-view instead of an enclosed cabin. The GSP-1600 doesn’t require any installation, and also can be conveniently taken ashore or to another vessel.

Data Capabilities

Data capabilities include QUALCOMM Globalstar packet data services that let you to access the Internet (* 1) or any TCP/IP packet-switched network when connected to a computer, and send and receive e-mail (* 1). Additional data capabilities include position location (* 2), short messaging service (SMS) (* 3), digital facsimile† and Caller ID (* 3). Data transmission over-the-air is provided at rates of up to 9600 bits per second, with no additional modem or dedicated telephone circuits required.

QUALCOMM Globalstar satellite phones are an economical, secure on-board communication system . What you say and hear will be crystal clear thanks to QUALCOMM’s digital technology. Check out how the satellite phone works and the satellite packet data modem. Understand our fixed and portable satellite phones, and learn more about Globalstar satellite technology.

  1. Consult your Globalstar service provider for packet data coverage for Gateways in your area. A computer and Internet Service Provider (ISP) are required to utilize packet data services. These advanced services may vary depending on the service provider you select. Service provider activation required. These advanced services apply to the GSP-1600 Portable Tri-Mode Satellite Phone only and may vary depending on the service provider you select. It is required that you get service provider activation.
  2. Feature not available on GSP-2800/2900 Fixed Satellite Phones.

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