Globalstar Installation Vehicle Kit GIK-1700-HX, Helix Mini Stick Antenna for GSP-1700


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The GIK-1700 with Helix antenna provides a convenient docking device for the Globalstar GSP-1700 handset.

The Helix antenna is mounted outside, allowing the docked GSP-1700 to operate below decks on your vessel or inside, away from the elements, at your remote fixed site.

Advantages: A convenient and safe way to make calls from your vessel or fixed location. Allows Hands-free convenience.

Features: GIK-1700 charges the GSP-1700’s battery when the handset is connected to the GIK-1700. Easily access the audio output jack to use with your favorite headset (or add a Bluetooth adaptor for wireless freedom). Ability to utilize data functionality while recharging. GSP-1700 easily clips into the installation kit housing.

Includes: Installation kit and mounting equipment, with Helix antenna.

Specifications: ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENT: 12 VDC nominal input voltage RF POWER OUTPUT: 0.794 watts maximum (+29.0 dBm) DIMENSIONS (CRADLE): 16.92 cm H x 7.33 cm W x 5.79 cm D TECHNOLOGY: Globalstar Satellite Mode (CDMA)

Note: Use of any accessories not approved by Globalstar will invalidate the phone warranty and may be dangerous. All specifications subject to change without notice.  <?

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