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Thrane & Thrane Explorer 700 BGAN Terminal

  • Product Code: Thrane & Thrane Explorer 700 BGAN
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $4,749.00

Broadband is an integral and pivotal part of professional business communication today – across borders, regardless of time, place or job. When working in the field, possibly in far-away corners of the world, being able to communicate with your boss, co-workers, and customers on the phone or via the www, e-mail or video transmission is all-important. With the T&T EXPLORER 700 this is easily and professionally realized through either the ISDN or IP interfaces.The Trane & Thrane company has been purchased by Cobham, and this product is now known as the Cobham Explorer 700.

With the EXPLORER 700 you can:

  • Talk on the phone
  • Download and send e-mails
  • Surf the Internet at speeds up to 492 kbps
  • Log on to your corporate Intranet
  • Transfer large files
  • Use standard encryption such as VPN
  • Securely send and receive faxes
  • Run a videoconference
  • Send text message
  • Operate it as a multi-user terminal and more

Explorer 700 Brochure

Explorer 700 User Manual

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