Beam RST100A Iridium Fixed Site Terminal


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This is a highly featured satellite terminal providing intelligent RJ11/POTS/PBX voice, data and messaging services. Ideal for all In-building and maritime applications. Supports standard phone equipment use.

The Beam RST100A, Intelligent Remote Satellite Terminal is designed for all remote communications applications, fixed or mobile in the following markets; Maritime, Transport, Defence, Emergency Services, Mining, Construction, and Rural Communities, etc. on a global scale.

Uses RST970 Intelligent handset and/or RST976 SMS-POTS phone for voice and SMS or any analog POTS phone for voice only. External ringer available.

Key Features: Connect to PBX / Standard Phones Intelligent RJ11 Interface SMS / SMSMO SMS POTS Capable Iridium Voice & Data Services SMS / SMSMO Voice Mail Crew Calling Ship Security Alert System Tracking & Monitoring Capable Intelligent Processor & Interface Phone Number Processing Line Reversal for Pay phone use Secure SIM Card Enclosure Supports Intelligent Handsets Remote or Local Master Reset Local and Remote Configuration External Ringer available Supports Back up Battery / Solar Incorporates Call Logging Optional In-Vehicle Hands-Free Kit Fully Certified

Includes: RST100, Antenna, POTS Phone Excludes: Mounting brackets

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