Rescue Teams Will Benefit from the Use of Satellite Phone Rentals

Three things are critical to the success of rescue teams: well-trained and experienced members, access to important facilities and personnel support and the availability of functional equipment. For rescue teams, one of the best tools to have during emergencies is a satellite phone rental. This is one gadget that rescue teams will benefit from, thanks to a host of functionalities that these phones are equipped with.

How satellite phones can help rescue teams
Not all rescues occur within city limits where land-based telephones are readily available and cellular networks provide coverage. Rescue teams frequently find themselves managing an emergency in a remote location where conventional modes of communication are simply not available.

During a natural disaster, for example, phone lines may be out and cellular service towers may have been damaged, rendering landlines and cellphones useless. It’s also possible that in case of a major emergency, cellular networks could get overloaded and fail to provide coverage when it’s needed most.

What if there’s a need to call for backup or additional equipment, supplies and manpower? What if the rescue team needs to send or obtain critical information? What if the rescue team needs to warn incoming support teams about certain routes that are impassable? Without a reliable means to communicate, rescue teams simply cannot perform their job well, something that is detrimental to those who need their help.

By simply renting a satellite phone, the efficiency of rescue teams and emergency personnel do not have to be limited unnecessarily. They can be assured that they will have access to a reliable phone service even in remote areas. A satellite phone will keep them connected to other support teams and allow them to make and receive calls, connect to a service online and send e-mails.

With a satellite phone rental, rescue teams can perform their jobs more efficiently since they will have access to constant service. They will be able to respond in a timely manner and minimize any unnecessary casualties that could arise due to delays or lack of proper equipment and supplies. At GlobalCom, we recognize the urgency with which rescue teams must work.

Rent a satellite phone from us and you will have a choice of units, features and major service providers to fit your requirements. With a satellite phone rental, you only enjoy the benefits of the technology but avoid the cost.

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