Renting a Satellite Phone Makes Outdoor Adventures Safer

The lure of the outdoors is simply just too strong for many people. And who can blame them? Nowhere else can a person enjoy a limitless sky, a horizon unblemished by human infrastructures and beauty in its rawest, most natural state. But when you’re outdoors, you’re also out of your element and it can be quite easy to run the risk of getting lost, needing medical help or just simply wanting to get in touch with loved ones. With a satellite phone rental, outdoor adventures are that much safer.

Benefits of having a satellite phone

If you rent a satellite phone, you could free yourself of common concerns regarding communication. After all, some places are simply too remote to allow the use of landlines and cellphones. You might even find yourself without a cellphone signal simply because your cellphone service provider has a limited coverage.

It’s also wrong to assume that just because you are an experienced hiker or camper or that you’ll be going with a group of friends that you are automatically assured of safety. You’re not. Being prepared IS your assurance of safety.

By renting a satellite phone, you have a tool that will give you enough flexibility to allow you to explore more and go farther without fear or worry.

A satellite phone offers better coverage than more traditional modes of communication. You do not have to worry about the lack of coverage. Because satellite phones use wireless technology, you are not encumbered by physical obstructions and limits associated with wired equipment. The satellite phone can go wherever you need to go so you can call, send an e-mail or go online. As long as you have a clear line of sight, you can be assured that you will be able to make and receive calls. Now, doesn’t that make you feel a lot safer?

If you want to rent a satellite phone but are hesitant about the cost, consider our options. At GlobalCom, we offer you several choices from three major satellite phone service providers. You can finally free yourself of the limits of land-based telephones and cellular networks. Make and receive calls from a clearing in the jungle, surf the Web from a boat and stay in touch even if you’re in the middle of nowhere. The outdoors is all about freedom and that’s exactly what a satellite phone can give.

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