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SPOT Satellite Tracker Saves the Day and the Bike

Some of our loyal customers enjoy riding motorcycles in Baja.  This is their hobby and they all take it very seriously.  While riding recently one of the guys became injured during a crash and they rushed him out via helicopter leaving the motorcycle behind.  Of course they were worried about their bike but they had a SPOT satellite tracker within the fender pack of the bike.  They noticed that this bike had begun to move.  They had a rally tracker which was found at the site of the crash but no bike was in sight.  There were some fresh truck tire tracks.  There were a few pings from SPOT and the chase team was beginning to worry that they may not find the bike and that SPOT would be found and tossed to the side.  However, the found the bike stashed near the crash site.  Locals had tried to steal the bike but with the help of SPOT they were able to locate the bike.  SPOT is currently on sale for emergency GPS communication.  It also has tracking features that may be used to ease the minds of family or help one keep up with the route they had taken on a trip.  When the cyclist bought his SPOT he was hoping to use it in case of an accident.  They never guessed that SPOT would help them locate a stolen motorcycle.  This is just another great story of what SPOT can do to help people.  SPOT has coverage in many areas around the world giving access to many people.  SPOT is small, portable, and even waterproof!  Globalcom Satellite Communications are taking orders now for SPOT.  Click here to download the order form.