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SPOT Satellite Messenger Service

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 SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker
The World’s First Satellite Messenger and Tracker

Annual service only $99.99
“Limited Messaging”

99.4% Satellite Reliability Using a 48 Satellite Constellation

Who needs a SPOT locator unit?

  •  Hikers, Campers & Hunters
  •  Cross Country and Downhill Skiers
  •  International Travelers
  •  Pilots and Aviation
  •  Teenagers
  •  Long Distance Drivers & Truckers
  •  Recreational and Professional Pilots
  •  Anyone Who Lives In Remote Locations
  •  Recreational and Professional Boaters
  •  Cross Country and Downhill Skiers
  •  Mountain Climbers
  •  Anyone that travels outside of cellular range

Optional: Unlimited Premium Tracking annual service only $49.99

Optional unlimited tracking service will transmit your location to friends and family using Google maps every 10 minutes for a 24 hour period.  Tracking can be reactivated by the user of the spot unit by a press of a button.

Optional: GEOS Rescue Service is $7.95 per year

    GEOS Emergency Response Service
    What is GEOS?

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