SkyHawk M1620 the General Purpose Satellite Modem

SkyHawk M1620 the General Purpose Satellite Modem

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The Globalstar SkyHawk M1620 Satellite Modem provides reliable wireless Internet connection from virtually anywhere in the world. This product is ideal for people traveling beyond cellular and landline service that need Internet access. SkyHawks unique water-tight design and light weight increases the mobility of the user allowing plug and play operation without complicated set up procedures.

Whether you are on land or water the SkyHawk uses the Globalstar Satellite Network to provide affordable and reliable wireless access to the Internet and email service at connections 3X faster than normal satellite data speeds up to 56 Kbps.   The SkyHawk is the ultimate in compatibility using the Hayes ‘AT’ command set.  This 100% Hayes compatible satellite modem is compatible with almost all PCs and other equipment are designed to support the industry standard Hayes modem.  The SkyHawk also uses an Industry Standard RS-232 interface.

Whether you need Internet access from your boat or from your fleet of vehicles traveling outside cellular range this 100% compatible out-of-the-box plug and play unit will offer a solution.


  •     Data Compression speeds up to 56 Kbps
  •     Industry standard Hayes ‘AT’ command set supporting direct dial and modem configuration commands
  •     Water tight designed for outdoor mounting
  •     Flexible power input 9 to 36 VDC or AC with adapter
  •     Low power usage only less than 2 watts in standby mode

The SkyHawk M1620 can be customized to your specific needs

  •     Magnetic Vehicle Mount Kit
  •     Manned Installation Kit gives LED status indicators and AC adapter connection
  •     Auxiliary Port supporting applications including:
  •         System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA); RS-232
  •         Analog Monitoring and Control (4-20mA current loop ect)
  •     Embedded GPS with three meter accuracy
  •     Wireless Link capability with Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, Globalstar Simplex and more


 System Power

 2W maximum (standby); 7W (transmitting)
 9-36 VDC Input
 Connector sealed to IP67 (AMP 1445421-3)
 Internal, replaceable Standard Fusing; 5X20mm, 1A
 Isolation provides for 1500 VDC over voltage for 60 seconds
 Built-in transient and reverse batter protection
 Equipped with 1 x 25ft sealed serial cable

 Serial Ports

 2 x DB9F, Sealed to IP67
 Fully Isolated; 2500 Vrms per UL 1577
 Equipped with 1 x 25ft sealed serial cable


 -30°C to +60°C
 Polycarbonate enclosure sealed to NEMA 4X equivalent
 Intrinsically Safe rating IEC 60079-11 optional

 Modem Module

 Qualcomm GSP-1620 1.6 GHz Transmit; 2.5 GHz Receive

 System Control  Integrated Microcontroller 25 MHz
 Manned Installation Package

 LEDS for:
   – Power On
   – Modem Ready
   – RSSI (4 bars)
   – TxD/RxD serial port activity
 AC Adapter for North American, other standards

 External Sensors Package

 Fully Customizable:
   – Dry Contact Digital I/O
   – RS-232 Serial Interface
   – Analog Inputs (resistive and 4-20mA current loop)
   – Analog Outputs (voltage or current based)

 Embedded GPS

 Remote reporting, or local reporting via Auxiliary Port
 NMEA 01183 ver2.2
 WAAS & EGNOS provides accuracy to within 3 meters
 Map Datum WGS-84
 Update Rate 1Hz
 TIFF 45/38/8 sec (Cold/Warm/Hot Start) 0.1 sec (Reacquisition)

 Alternate Wireless Links

 Customized to your application

Price $1595.00

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