Top 3 Reasons Why Climbers will Benefit from Satellite Phones

Here’s the thing about mountain and rock climbing: in order to fully enjoy the experience, you need to be outdoors, out of your element and exposed to whatever it is that Nature throws at you. But what if you suddenly need help? What if you lost a trail or find yourself in an unfamiliar area or simply need assistance from base camp several miles down? And here’s the rub: there’s no network coverage where you are. In this situation, you will definitely appreciate the use of a better means of communication. Here are the top 3 reasons why climbers will benefit from satellite phones rentals:

You get constant coverage.
Often, the best mountains and rock faces are those that are in out-of-the-way locations. Unfortunately, the remoteness of the place also presents a different challenge: the lack of communication coverage. When you’re in the middle of a climb, you simply do not want the inconvenience of not having the right equipment to make a simple call.

With a satellite phone, this isn’t a concern. Climbers will benefit from satellite phones because it is not limited by land-based networks. This technology uses satellites to transmit signals — perfect if you’re a few thousand feet above sea level.

You get a variety of functionalities with just one gadget.
Satellite phones do more than just transmit voice calls. Depending on the unit or model and your chosen service provider, you can even use the phone to connect to the Internet so you can go online, surf, chat, send e-mails and even receive faxes. Some systems even switch from satellites to cellular networks, depending on whether you’re in a remote location or a populated area.

Is cost an issue? It doesn’t have to be.
The best answer to the common problem of expense is a satellite phone rental. At GlobalCom, we offer several options to choose from, so you get the best that current satellite phone technology can offer.

Rent a satellite phone and you don’t have to pay for the unit — only for its use. This is the perfect answer to recreational climbers or first-timers who do not really require the frequent use of satellite phones. By renting a satellite phone, they are assured of the best coverage whether they’re at the base of the mountain or on top of it.

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