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Questions that You Should Ask Your Teleport Operator

Satellite internet is a lucrative business, and the service is available for many companies to profit from. For instance, some companies want to provide their own satellite internet service, but do not have the funds to become a Teleport Operator and Tier 1 Satellite ISP. Globalcom VSAT Satellite Internet systems can help such companies become satellite internet providers by giving them the right technology to bring customers in.

If you are one such company, then you should start asking your teleport operator several questions. After all, your customers will depend largely on the satellite internet provider, and you, as go-between, need to get the best partner for the job.

First, ask: does the teleport operator have non-pre-emptible space segment on the satellites that they operate? Satellite internet providers lease space-segment from major satellite operators so that they can provide internet access. Space-segment is limited and expensive, so that some providers save money by paying for non pre-emptible transponder capacity. This might mean that you can be denied service if you do not pay a high enough amount for the service.

Second, ask if the operator is a Tier-1 – that is, the operator is a technology backbone provider, a teleport operator, and bandwidth wholesaler. Such operators have their own team handling tech support and engineering. Not all companies can be Tier-1 because of the high start-up costs, so some companies will use poorly-designed infrastructure. This, in turn, can lead to outages.

Third, ask how your operator overcomes latency and jitters. Any internet connection will have a delay in data transmission, or latency. This delay is minimized by good networking and technology. Fluctuations in the speed of data transmission, or jitter, can make network performance poorer, and is often the result of oversubscription.

This brings us to the fourth question that you should ask: what is oversubscription and how does it affect the operator’s speeds? Bandwidth is also precious in satellite internet service, so the more subscribers there are, the greater the likelihood that the internet connection will be slow without the right infrastructure.

And fifth, ask your teleport operator if they offer Committed Information Rates, or CIRs. Since oversubscription is common for all internet access methods, many internet service providers will make only an “up to” speed promise without committing to a real rate. On the other hand, a CIR will provide you a more reliable range of speeds and guarantee that these figures are met. This also guarantees that the service will not over-subscribe, and internet connection is still good even during peak times.

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