Why Expeditions are Safer with Satellite Phone Rentals

Nothing quite comes close to the excitement, satisfaction and sense of adventure that an expedition offers. But every experienced adventurer knows that every expedition carries with it not just the thrill and joy of discovery but also the danger of the unknown. Lost and in need of immediate assistance in the middle of a jungle or desert? You’ll need a better phone. That is why expeditions are that much safer with satellite phones.

What you can expect
Satellite phones are wireless phones that rely on satellites to transmit signals. Instead of going through conventional routes such as fiber optics, analog wiring and even cellular networks, satellite phones can receive and send calls through satellites.

Since satellite phones allow the user to make and receive calls from virtually anywhere, they make the perfect tool for a successful expedition. All you need is a clear skyline and you can pretty much communicate with anyone in the world. This, regardless of whether you’re in the middle of the ocean, hiding from the sun behind desert dunes or shivering in the snow on top of a mountain.

Any disadvantages?
Satellite phone rentals allow you to make and receive surface calls. If you’re in an expedition that got you digging underground or exploring deep caves, you will have to find a line of sight without obstructions.

Making your expeditions safer
The advantage to renting a satellite phone is that you have instant access to emergency services if you need them. Imagine being in a remote location and requiring immediate medical assistance or security backup and having to find a strong cellphone signal or even a working land-based phone. If you simply rent a satellite phone, you will be able to avoid the unnecessary (and somewhat dangerous) risks that land-based technologies sometimes bring.

At Globalcom, we believe that a safe expedition is a well-planned expedition. If you’re ready for anything, you are that much more capable to handle and manage any emergency that might occur. We offer satellite phone rentals that allow you more flexibility and adaptability so you get to enjoy what your expedition can offer.

Why spend more on equipment that offer limited functionality when you can avail of unparalleled wireless technology that can make your expedition safer and more productive? Unlike more conventional means of communication, satellite phones can provide a service where there is none.

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