Why the Military will Find Satellite Phone Rentals Useful

Military personnel often rely on technology to perform their missions, regardless of whether it’s a recon, a training exercise, a rescue or intelligence gathering. With such sensitive data being exchanged from one agency to another, the military simply cannot risk exposure that could lead to loss or worse, the unauthorized use of critical information. For reliable technology that can handle communications and ensure the integrity of information exchange, satellite phones will be useful for military purposes.

Why satellite phones are often the best choice for military use
Satellite phones rentals do not have the type of limitations that other types of telecommunications have. Landlines, for example, require physical, ground-based infrastructures in order to transmit signals back and forth between the sender and the recipient. Cellphones, on the other hand, require cellular network towers in order to allow calls to go through.

These infrastructures are reliable enough but they have their vulnerabilities. If they are damaged, destroyed, overloaded or hacked, they could easily compromise the exchange between or among individuals — not something that the military will find useful or safe.

With satellite phones, signals are sent through a network of satellites which then transmit to a station. The station in turn processes the signal to and from a cellular network or a Public Switched Telephone Network. The advantage here is that signals undergo encryption at the receiving stations. As a result, signals cannot be hacked and security of the information is assured.

Furthermore, satellite phones are not limited in coverage, unlike cellphones and landlines. The user could be in the middle of a desert, climbing a mountain or stuck in a remote town and the satellite phone will still be able to receive and send signals.

Is a rental satellite phone enough?
Although satellite phones are often purchased and made available for military use, some assignments may only require a satellite phone rental. Renting a satellite phone is more practical in certain situations, such as when an assignment or task is expected to be completed within a short period of time, after which the phone is no longer needed. If you rent a satellite phone, you pay only for charges incurred during the period you rented it.

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