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GSP-1620 Globalstar Duplex Satellite Modem $995.00

Using the Globalstar Low-Earth-Orbiting satellites the GSP-1620 Globalstar Duplex Modem delivers reliable digital communication virtually anywhere. The Globalstar GSP-1620 Satellite Data Modem (SDM) provides two-way business to business communication via Direct Dial-Up or Direct Internet access. The solutions that the GSP-1620 SDM can provide are endless. The SDM is a reliable cost effective solution that can send and receive data from remote locations where terrestrial communication in not reliable or available. Unmanned sensors and controls can be connected to the SDM which can monitor give remote access to power substations, oil and gas supply stations and pipelines, fresh and waste water systems, marine monitoring stations, refrigerated units, and initiate alert notifications.

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  •     Monitor the status of equipment without using personnel time
  •     Operate valves and switches remotely
  •     Receive immediate alerts when certain thresholds are reached in a remote location
  •     Reduce personnel time and operating cost
  •     Have instant access to equipment controls remotely increasing efficiency and lowering cost
  •     The SDM is a Hayes compatible modem


  •     The GSP-1620 SDM provides 96 Kbps data service using the 48 LEO Globalstar satellite constellations
  •     The Direct Internet Access gives you connectivity to the Internet and email systems. With this option you are not required to have an Internet Service Provider (ISP) Globalstar acts as your ISP.

The Direct Dial up Access gives you connectivity to private networks

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