Globalstar Satellite Phone Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)

How the Globalstar (CDMA) works

Pioneered by Qualcomm the CDMA signal provides excellent data and voice capacity through the Globalstar satellite phone network of 48 satellites. The CDMA signal is the foundation for 3G communication services world wide.

CDMA converts speech signal into digital format and then transmits it from the Globalstar Satellite phone up to the satellite systems and down to the ground station. Every call over the satellite network has its own unique code which distinguishes it from the other calls sharing the airwaves at the same time. The CDMA signal is without interference, cross talk or static.

CDMA was introduced in 1995 and soon become the fastest growing wireless technology. Globalstar chose this technology for use in it satellite communication network when Globalstar launched service in 2000.

Key features of Globalstar satellite phone CDMA:

  • Unique forward and reverse links
  • Direct sequence spread spectrum
  • Seamless soft handoff
  • Universal frequency reuse
  • Multi-path propagation for diversity
  • Variable rate transmission