3 Resolutions You Didn’t Realize Require a Sat Phone

New Years’ resolutions are a time-honored tradition of using the freshness of a new year to inspire positive self-change — but for some reason, every year your list turns out the same. Every January 1 is full of promise and fantasies of new lifestyles, and every December 31 contains a realization of one’s shortcomings regarding those goals. This year, however, you can make a move to completing each and every one of your resolutions — by having a satellite phone.

Sat phones are incredibly useful devices that will keep you connected no matter where you travel. While you are writing your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2015, consider how a sat phone will improve your chances of completing these excellent, self-improving goals.

1. Travel More

Outside of recent graduates and retirees, a dismal proportion of the population regularly engages in travel. The world is a vast place full of wonder and excitement, yet people tend to stick to the familiar. In fact, staycations — when a vacationer takes time off work to spend at home or within one’s home city — are continuing to rise in popularity in the United States and around the world, which means fewer and fewer people are venturing out of their comfort zone due to fears about money, time, energy, or security.

In truth, the benefits of travel extend far beyond the garnering of stories and photographs to show one’s friends. Here is a cursory list of reasons everyone should travel far and wide as frequently as possible:

  • Keeps your brain sharp
  • Allows you to try new things, like food and activities
  • Shows you the world in living color
  • Gets you fit
  • Provides stress release
  • Opens your mind to new ideas

Of course, all this doesn’t mean you should book a flight to Colombia departing tomorrow morning. Effective and enjoyable travel requires a bit of research and planning to provide the benefits listed above. Budgeting for your vacation is an absolute must if you have worries about your finances, and itineraries will help you avoid becoming overtaxed from lost time and fatigue.

Finally, a satellite phone should allay most of your fears regarding safety and security during your travels. Unlike cellphones that receive spotty coverage overseas, satellite phone coverage areas are vast, and you can rely on your device to connect you with emergency authorities no matter your situation.

2. Earn Promotions and Raises

Very few people are completely satisfied with their current position of employment, which is why this resolution appears every year as one of the world’s most popular. Almost everyone is looking for a better title or a higher salary. In fact, job dissatisfaction is so prevalent that nearly two million Americans quit their positions every month, which results in more than 24 million fed-up employees every year.

Still, the blame for an employee’s lack of recognition in his or her current position doesn’t always fall to the company’s leaders. There are plenty of easy things employees can do to make their work stand out and receive proper credit in the form of raises and promotions, including:

  • Get to work early and stay late. The simple act of being present in the office and demonstrating devotion to the company is extremely influential on who gets raises and who doesn’t. In fact, the more you work, the better you look, so you might consider investing in HughesNet satellite Internet to keep you connected wherever you go.
  • Anticipate your boss’s needs. Your manager will notice when his or her workload decreases do to your efforts, and likely your manager’s manager will notice, too. Leaders appreciate and reward workers who plan ahead.
  • Set and reach career goals. Regular employee feedback meetings are a valuable time to show your dedication to the company. Tell your boss about your goals for your current position, and if you reach them, you will likely see correlated compensation.

3. Maintain Better Relationships

Every relationship, whether between family members, friends, or romantic partners, will eventually succumb to tension and conflict. Still, the existence of fights between a pair of people is by no means a reason to end the relationship — unless the hostilities become too intense or frequent to bear.

Many resolution writers seek to end the familiar cycle of exciting new beginnings and unhappy, argument-filled endings in the New Year, and honestly, the solution to relationship problems are easier than you might expect.

Conflict can occur for myriad reasons, but if you know and understand the most common causes of disagreements in relationships, you should be able to mitigate the damage and perhaps even prevent them before they begin.

Communication. For as much as people talk, not everyone is good at saying what he or she means and feels. Relationships often suffer from severe breakdowns in communication, which prevent partners from truly understanding their partner’s position. If the relationship is suffering because of long distance, a satellite phone that allows communication anywhere in the world is an absolute must. Still, most communication issues will be resolved by a commitment to openness and honesty. And of course, if you have to travel a lot for work, keeping in touch with your satellite phone will help.

Money. More than anything else, tension in relationships is caused by the earning and spending of cash. Whether one partner is jealous of the salary of the other, or one partner isn’t as frugal as the other one wishes, the most intense relationship wars can be waged over the humble dollar. The best solution is to be upfront about your earning and spending habits, and find someone with the values to match; however, you may also find success by compromising on financial goals with your partner.

The past. Everyone has one, but some people live in it more than others. The past often provides ample reason to fight, from jealousy over exes to unrelated yet unforgotten earlier skirmishes. The only true way to resolve the tension of the past is to let it go.

Written by Steve Manley