How to Rent a Satellite Phone

Satellite phones are more than handy gadgets that keep you in constant communication around the globe — they can be the tool that guarantees your job when you’re on assignment or even provides essential life-saving aid at the times you need it most. There are myriad reasons to invest in a satellite phone, especially if you travel often to remote regions and have no other secure connection to civilization. Owning a satellite phone of your very own is convenient and cost-effective in the long run for frequent travelers.

However, if you know you only require a satellite phone for a single trip or one-time use, it is certainly more appropriate to use rental services. There are plenty of benefits to renting instead of owning, including:

  • Lower up-front costs. You aren’t paying for a whole phone and plan, just a portion of one, so you don’t need to worry about pulling too much out of your savings.
  • Lower responsibility. You don’t own the phone, so you don’t need to worry about any maintenance it might need.
  • More freedom. You can experiment with different models and coverage plans inexpensively; then, if you choose to buy, you will know which satellite phone is perfect for your needs.

If you have need of a satellite phone, but are unsure where to start, read on to learn all about how to rent a satellite phone.

Step 1. Order Your Phone

Browse through our catalogue of available rentals to find a phone that will work for you. All of the products available on our website lead the market in both quality and functionality. However, different manufacturers do provide slightly different services.

Iridium satellite phones work absolutely anywhere in the world, so if you are moving around the globe quite a bit, you might consider renting one of these. Iridium models come in various sizes, with their own unique specialties, and they even produce a waterproof phone to aid travelers in moist environments.

Globalstar promises the clearest satellite connection of any provider, and with its state-of-the-art satellite configuration, it’s difficult to argue against them. They have plenty of compact, lightweight models that will fit in any backpack or suitcase. Plus, they offer unlimited usage plans with inexpensive rates, so if you plan to use your phone quite a bit, you can get the best deal with Globalstar satellite phone rentals.

If you’re looking for a bit more than voice calls from your satellite phone, Inmarsat may be the provider for you. They currently offer the only satellite system that allows for high speed Internet in remote regions of the globe. You can receive voice, text, and data all from the easily set-up terminal, so you can stay as connected as possible from wherever you may go.

Once you’ve selected the exact make and model of your satellite phone, you’ll need to answer a few questions about your intended usage. For example,

  • How many weeks will you need the phone?
  • Would you like to buy prepaid airtime?
  • Do you need any accessories for your phone?

After this simple and painless process, you will submit your payment information. Then, you can expect to receive your phone on your desired date.

Step 2. Enjoy Your Phone

Following a simple activation process, your satellite phone should be up and running, ready for use. Keep it safe in your pack while traveling — even though it’s a rental, you don’t want to lose it —and use it as necessary. Satellite phones are just as easy to use as regular phones, so as long as you have a view of the sky, you shouldn’t have any trouble calling up your home or office while you’re on the go.  However, if you do run into any difficulties, don’t hesitate to call our 24/7 customer support.

Step 3. Return Your Phone

As much as you might have taken pleasure in your satellite phone during your travels, when your rental period is up, you must send back your phone and any accessories you rented with it. You must package your items in an appropriately-sized shipping container — anything too small or large could cause damage to the objects within — and send everything back to us with the return shipping slip we initially sent with your order.

Many people worry about this step of the process, but our rental service makes returning your items as simple as possible. You even have a three-day span at the end of your rental period to ship the phone from a FedEx location. However, if you exceed the limit of your rental and grace periods, you will be charged daily for your use of the phone, so if you want to avoid extra charges, be sure to promptly return your items.

Satellite phone rental is a smart and easy way to achieve reliable communication throughout your travels. Instead of worrying about safety and security during your next trip, spend a little on a service that will keep you in touch with the right people all the time.

Written by Steve Manley