Why, How, and Where to Travel in Africa

Tourists may greatly enjoy going to popular tourist attractions — who doesn’t want to show off their selfies in front of the Eiffel Tower — but dedicated travelers usually are more interested in visiting places not exactly on the map.

While big cities and world landmarks may be fun, real travelers most look forward to small villages, unknown cultures, and real people in foreign places. Still, regrettably few avid travelers strive to tour one of the most fascinating and underappreciated vacation destinations in the world: Africa.

Africa is unbelievably rich in astounding natural scenery, grand untold history, and distinct vivid culture. Instead of journeying to well-trodden locales on your next trip, you should experience the glory and splendor of Africa, from the Cape of Good Hope to the Mediterranean Sea.

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Why You Absolutely Do Need Internet During Your Travels

The Internet has morphed into a necessary extension of humanity. The sudden onset ubiquity of smartphones has allowed people to carry the Internet around wherever we go. All day, every day, we have access to unprecedented amounts of information, which means that we no longer need to use biological (brains) or physical (papers) means to remember information. Western populations, at least, have become wholly dependent on the Internet to survive and thrive. Luckily, the Internet is everywhere — or is it?

Many overseas travelers have probably noted that finding a connection outside one’s home country is trickier than one might expect. Unlike the United States, where Wi-Fi is available in virtually every store on any city block, most foreign countries guard their Internet connections, making it exceedingly difficult for Western travelers to navigate while overseas. Though there are a handful of solutions — foremost among them owning an Iridium GO Wi-Fi Hotspot — to this harrowing travel dilemma, many travelers continue to flounder without the Internet in these particular ways.

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How to Rent a Satellite Phone

Satellite phones are more than handy gadgets that keep you in constant communication around the globe — they can be the tool that guarantees your job when you’re on assignment or even provides essential life-saving aid at the times you need it most. There are myriad reasons to invest in a satellite phone, especially if you travel often to remote regions and have no other secure connection to civilization. Owning a satellite phone of your very own is convenient and cost-effective in the long run for frequent travelers.

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