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(Small & Medium Size Vessels) The smallest Fleet satellite communications system available! TracPhone F33 is the perfect solution for leisure craft and small commercial vessels needing worldwide mobile communications in a compact package.

Using the power and versatility of Inmarsat’s Fleet satellite service, the TracPhone F33 offers the big advantages of fasernet/Intranet connections and global voice services, all within a small antenna dome.

The KVH TracPhone F33 gives you two Internet access options by providing access to Fleet’s dial-up data channel and the high speed Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS) via Inmarsat’s global spotbeams, which cover 90% of cruising routes as well as all popular maritime regions. With MPDS you get a high-capacity, always-online connection on which you pay only for the data you send and receive, not for the time you are connected. This innovative method of connecting to the Internet via satellite allows you to surf the web without the constraints of a pay-by-the-minute type of connection, a far more relaxing way to use the Internet! The antenna comes in two configurations so you can perfectly match your TracVision G4-HP/4-HP dome or use the more compact 14″ (35 cm) dome. TracPhone F33 is fully compatible with shipboard PABX systems as well as onboard networks (when connected to an IP router).

Key Features: Voice (Mini-M, global coverage) Fax E-mail and Internet VPN & LAN connections Position Reporting & Onshore Management Systems, 64 kbps/d – 28kbp/u MPDS data functions, Spot Beam Coverage

KVH Tracphone F33 Kit includes: Handset and Cradle, Marine Antenna, Transceiver Unit, Cable Power Supply

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