Marine/Extreme Enclosure for GCK-1410 antenna for GSP-1600


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This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.

The Globalstar Antenna Enclosure Assembly for the GCK-1410 car kit protects the Globalstar antenna from extreme environmental conditions such as excessive moisture or salt-water mist, which can result in corrosion to key antenna parts.

The use of the antenna enclosure assembly isn’t restricted to marine applications. It can be adapted for use in numerous applications as long as sufficient mounting hardware is used and the enclosure is mounted in an area with a clear view of the sky. The white industrial quality PVC casing, combined with the stainless steel base, make the enclosure assembly attractive, rugged, and easy to install. Antenna enclosure assembly can be adapted for non-maritime applications. Globalstar’s Hands-Free Vehicle Kit (GCK-1410) is sold separately.

FEATURES: Works with the GCK-1410 Vehicle Kit antenna (GCK-0009a). Attractive, rugged and easy-to-install industrial quality Protects antenna from extreme weather conditions. Allows for marine installation of Vehicle Kit Antenna. Allows Vehicle Kit to be installed safely in boats, RV’s, buildings and other locations.

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