Thrane & Thrane Explorer 527 BGAN Terminal


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Explorer™ 527 adds high-speed data transmission to phone and fax capabilities via satellite – on the move. With the transceiver connected to the rooftop tracking antenna your car, truck or other vehicle turns into a true mobile communications post wherever you are.

Whether driving halfway up a mountain or in the middle of a desert, you have access to: Phone and fax services, servers, SMS, Large file transfers, Internet browsing, Videoconferencing and streaming, Corporate servers via VPN, Secure voice/data connections, and much more.

Features: Simultaneous voice and data communications over BGAN. High-speed data transfer up to 464 kbps. bal coverage. Support for streaming 32, 64 and 128 kbps. Standard LAN and phone/fax interfaces. Easy system setup and operation. Robust, reliable and durable design.

Airtime: In order for your phone to work you will be required to complete and submit an airtime service agreement. You also have the option of purchasing pre-paid airtime.

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