IsatPhone Dialing and Messaging Instructions

Using cell/landline to call an IsatPhone, dial:

011-8707-XXXX-XXXX (Satellite Phone #)

011 is the IDD (International Direct Dialing) prefix for only the North American phones when calling internationally.

If calling from other countries besides North America, make sure the country IDD prefix is correct, then dial the rest of the IsatPhone # beginning with 870.

Making Calls from Isat to cell/landline in the USA:

Dial 00- country code – area code – number
EX: 00-1-256-432-2685 (1 is the country code for North America)

Making Calls from Isat to an Isat:

The first three digits of the phone number 870 is the international country code for an Isatphone.
When calling from Isat->Isat, just need to add 00 in front of 870 then the rest of the numbers.
EX: 00-8701-2345-6789
You may hold down the 0 key until the + sign appears on the screen, which means that the 00s have been inserted.

Note: 00 will always be the outbound prefix on the IsatPhones.

Messaging to IsatPhone:

SMS- Please go t0:

Or send a tesxt massage as an email to:  (Ex:

Messaging From IsatPhone:

Check and make sure that your Service Centre number is stored correctly.

To check the SMSC Number:

  •     Menu
  •     Message
  •     Options
  •     Settings
  •     Text Message Settings
  •     SMSC Management 870772001799

The Email center number 456 should already be stored on the SIM into the phone. Follow the steps to verify:

  •     Menu
  •     Messaging
  •     Options
  •     Settings
  •     Email Settings

If no values are stored or the stored value shows +456, simply choose Select, highlight ‘Empty’, then Options->Edit, enter 456 and choose Apply. The phone will display ‘Activate this number as the current email centre?’ pick Yes.

After checking the SMSC number and the Email Center Number, from the Messaging menu select New Message ->Text Message then enter message no more than 140 characters. Lastly the phone number/ email address of the recipient and press Send.

*Sending SMS from the IsatPhone: make sure the format is correct: 00(Country Code) (Telephone Number).*

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