Inmarsat IsatPhone Satellite Service Plans

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Isatphone Service Plans  Monthly Service Fee  FREE Monthly Minutes  Airtime Cost (to Landline) Airtime Cost (to Cell )  Text Msg Cost  Contract Length   Phone Price
North America
 $47.95  10  $.99/min  $1.29/min  $.69/msg 12  $679
Entry  $55.95  10  $.99min  $1.29/min  $.69/msg 12  $679
Basic  $62.99  20  $.99/min  $1.29/min  $.69/msg  12  $637
Short Term $69.99 10 $1.59/min $1.29/min $.69/msg 3 $679
Standard  $81.99  60  $.99/min  $1.29/min  $.69/msg  12  $591
Traveler  $122.99  100  $.99/min  $1.29/min  $.69/msg  12  $491
Explorer  $324  400  $.99/min  $1.29/min  $.69/msg  24  $191
Value  $339  400  $.99/min  $1.29/min  $.69/msg  24  FREE

Note: Isatphone Pro Service plans length options are described in the table above. Fees are billed monthly. Any service plan changes will take effect on the 1st day of the following calendar month. All airtime plans may be cancelled, subject to an early cancellation fee ($200, except $600 for Explorer and Value plans).  Unused included monthly minutes do not roll over to the next month.  A one time activation fee applies to all plans. Customers will be billed for first and last month of service on initial invoice. (See “terms and conditions” for complete information).

Voice Calls To Other Phone Systems
The following is a list of additional fees that will be charged to your account if you either exceed the amounts allotted in your service plan, or if you use Isatphone Pro services not covered by your service plan.

Additional Service  Rate  Initial  Increments  Subsequent  Increments 
Inmarsat B Voice/Fax/Data  $2.95/Min  30 Seconds  15 Seconds
Inmarsat M Voice/Fax/Data  $2.50/Min  30 Seconds  15 Seconds
Inmarsat Mini-M Voice/Fax/Data  $2.15/Min  30 Seconds  15 Seconds
Inmarsat GAN /Fleet/Swift 64  $2.15/Min  30 Seconds  15 Seconds
Inmarsat Aero Voice  $4.20 / Minute  30 Seconds  15 Seconds
Iridium Voice  $4.90 / Minute  30 Seconds  15 Seconds
Globalstar Voice  $4.90 / Minute  30 Seconds  15 Seconds
Thuraya Voice  $3.45 / Minute  30 Seconds  15 Seconds
Other MSS Carriers  $5.90 / Minute  30 Seconds  15 Seconds
BGAN, FBB, SBB Voice  $0.85 / Minute  30 Seconds  15 Seconds
GSPS (or SPS) Voice  $1.27  30 Seconds  15 Seconds

IsatPhone Coverage Map: