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Thuraya Service Plans

Thuraya Prepaid Airtime
To use prepaid airtime, customers simply purchase a Thuraya Super Sim Card for $155.95, and then purchase recharges as they need them. (Includes: $10.00 in airtime)

Additional airtime is added to Super Sims by purchasing digital scratch card recharges, offered in small, medium or large denominations:

 Price  Included Units  Extends SIM Card life
 Small  $63.50  50 Units  3 Months
 Medium  $97.50  80 Units  6 Months
 Large  $189.50  160 Units  12 Months

Thuraya Postpaid  Airtime
Postpaid airtime is offered on a one-year contract at a cost of $47.50/month. Airtime is at a rate of $1.49/minute to landline destinations and other Thuraya phones via satellite mode. There is a $50.00 one-time activation fee.

Postpaid Plan One-Time
 Monthly Fee
 Airtime Rate
 Satellite Monthly  $50.00  $47.50  $1.49/Minute

Postpaid Calls to other systems:
$3.99/minute for GSM calls. $10.00/minute for calls to other satellite systems.

Important Notes
• You have six months from the date of activation to place your first call or the super sim card will deactivate (requiring sim replacement)
• $250.00 early termination fee for postpaid airtime.
• Super sim card is valid for one year from date of first call, but airtime voucher must be added within 90 days of expiration, or SIM card will be deactivated (see below for changes in Super SIM renewal process starting in July, 2007)
• Maximum extension of prepaid SIM is 18 months.
• Each Unit is approximately equal to one minute of voice talk time.
• All postpaid accounts subject to credit approval.
• Additional rules and limitations apply, please read the GMPCS service agreement for complete details.
• Prepaid airtime is non-refundable.
• 2 stage dialing is not available for the Thuraya system. This means callers will be charged international rates when calling your Thuraya phone.

NEW Thuraya Super SIM Renewal Process
As renewal approaches, expiration reminder messages are sent every other day for 15 days prior to the account expiration date.

If the subscriber has enough credits in their account, there are two ways in which the account can be renewed:

1. Subscriber can renew immediately by dialing “150” and selecting option “6” within the 15 day period prior to expiration.

2. The subscriber can just let the account automatically renew after it expires. An SMS will be sent confirming the renewal.

If the subscriber does not have sufficient credit in his/her account, a grace period will be granted, during which the account will be automatically renewed if the subscriber tops up with the required amount. If the account is not topped-up/recharged, the account will be automatically closed.

Yearly tariffs for account renewal
• $99 for customers using less than $120 of satellite airtime annually
• $60 for customers using more than $120 of satellite airtime annually
• Free renewal for heavy users (more then $2500 annually)

Thuraya Service Agreement
Now that you have chosen the Satellite Phone and airtime plan for your needs, simply fill out the service agreement below and we will be ready to ship your satellite phone out to you!

Thuraya Service Agreement

Please note: All postpaid accounts subject to credit approval and completing a service agreement is not a guarantee of postpaid service.

Please print clearly and be sure to sign all signature blocks in order to avoid delay in order processing.

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