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Two-Way Communication Using Satellites

Communication using satellites is now made possible and more accessible, thanks to the Internet. In particular, the two-way satellite service can send data from a remote contact site via a satellite, then to a hub. The hub then sends this data onto an online server. When such a service is being used, the satellite dishes that are in the contacting locations must be positioned in such a way that their activity will not interfere with other satellites in the area.

The Importance of the Dish

Some Internet and satellite service providers will also require their customers to pay for installation, as well as for aligning the satellite dish to meet the required angle. The ASTRA2Connect System, however, from Europe, encourages its users to do their own installation. The System comes with detailed instructions on how this can be done.

Every time the satellite dish is used, the users must engage in power management in order to adjust the amount of transmitted power. This is done to compensate for bad weather conditions, which may cause signals to fade. Some surrounding radar detectors also have oscillators, which can interfere with communication satellite systems.

The Types of Services

There are different types of such Internet satellite services that offer two-way communication. For instance, there are the TDMA, or time division multiple access system, and the SCPC, or single channel per carrier system. These two-way systems can be simple terminals with a small dish. Small dishes need only a few watts to operate, and are designed for small businesses or individual consumers. Larger dishes will need more complicated systems, and will also allow for greater bandwidth.

The larger systems are often called satellite broadband. They will cost as much as three times more a month than land-based Internet systems. The modem required for such a service will often work only with the satellite provider, although some companies are now looking into cross-compatibility of their hardware with those of other vendors.

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