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How Satellite Internet Works

Is it possible to have high speed internet access if you do not have a DSL or Cable internet service provider in your area? The answer is yes. With HughesNet Satellite Internet it is possible to have high speed broadband internet even in extremely remote areas. In this article we will discuss how satellite internet works.

Unlike HughesNet, some older satellite internet providers required the user to have a telephone line to use the internet system. With these older systems, the data download from the internet was sent down through the satellite to a receiver dish. However, requests for data, like requesting a website page, were made over the telephone line. Even though a telephone line was required, fast download speeds were possible and therefore these types of systems were still a big leap ahead of basic dial-up service.

HughesNet satellite internet operates without the use of a telephone lines of Cable TV systems. The internet connection is accomplished using a satellite dish similar to a satellite TV receiver dish. The main difference between at TV dish and a satellite internet dish is that a TV dish only needs to receive. An internet connection requires the ability to send data as well as receive, so a satellite internet dish must also contain a transmitter.

The equipment required by the user consists of a satellite receiver/transmitter dish, a modem, 120V power for the modem, and the coaxial cable between the modem and the dish. The dish size is .78 meters for the Hughes Net system. With this setup it is possible send and receive data to and from the internet.  The diagram below provides a visual description of how the components of a satellite internet system work together to provide the user with a high speed internet connection.

The speeds available with satellite internet access depend on the package purchased by the user. The service packages available range from download speeds of 700kps to an amazing 3.0 Mbps. If you are in an area with no terrestrial broadband internet service, perhaps it is time to think about satellite based internet access.


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