Inmarsat FleetPhone Satellite Phone

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   The FleetPhone using the high quality Inmarsat service is a new satellite phone for the maritime sector.  It is low cost and easy to use ideal for captain and crew on fishing vessels, recreational craft and regional merchant fleets.

The FleetPhone is a compact terminal with an integrated handset for below deck operation.  The unit includes a lightweight omni-directional antenna.  The components are built to marine grade standards.  Installation is easy using the standard cable kit provided.

Inmarsat currently provides coverage in the South China Sea and Indian Ocean Region, using Inmarsat’s latest generation Inmarsat-4 satellite over the Indian Ocean Region. Coverage Map  United States and Global coverage planned for the end of 2008.


  •     Low cost terminal and airtime
  •     Robust and reliable terminal with marinised omin-    directional antenna
  •     Easy to install and use
  •     Suitable for multiple users



  •     Dimensions:  82 x 221 x 231mm approx
  •     Weight:  1.3kg approx
  •     Operating voltage:  10 – 28 Volts DC


  •     Type:  Omni-directional/RHCP helical
  •     Elevation:  >20° sub I-4 satellite
  •     Antenna survival temp:  -40 to 80° C
  •     Antenna operational temp:  -25 to 55° C

RF Cable

  •     Main unit to antenna length:  10m
  •     Junction box to main unit:  3m