Isatphone Pro Shipments

Inmarsat has begun shipping the new Isatphone Pro handheld satellite phones. Globalcom has them in stock now. Globalcom received the first samples and completed our in house testing. We have been pleased with the performance, ease of use, and features available on the Isatphone Pro.

The exciting thing about this new phone is the price. It is now one of the lowest cost satellite phone alternatives. It is likely that the low price will encourage the other players in the satellite phone market to bring down prices across the board. We are forecasting a general expansion of the entire mobile satellite phone market as a result of these new price points.

The new Isatphone Pro contains a GPS receiver, enabling the user to send position reports via SMS or email. It has a color display, and all the extra software utilities normally found in cell phones, such as a calendar, alarm, calculator, phone book, etc. The internal phone book can even be synchronized with an Outlook phone book.

Globalcom began receiving bulk shipments of the Isatphone Pro in mid-September, 2010. We are currently taking orders for our customers.

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