Inmarsat BGAN Rental Information and Kits

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The Inmarsat Satellite BGAN Rental Kit Includes:

  • Free Activation
  • Same Day Shipping Available
  • Inmarsat BGAN Terminal
  • 1 Battery
  • 1 Wired Telephone Handset
  • AC Charger
  • User’s Manual
  • Carrying Case

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Standard Rental(1 week minimum)

SABRE1Sabre 1 BGAN Terminal

  • Terminal Size:8x11x2
  • Speed:384kbps/240kbps
  • Voice:RJ11 or Bluetooth
  • Streaming:32, 64 kbps

TT500T&T 500 BGAN

  • Terminal Size:8.5X8.5X2.1
  • Speed:468kbps/448kbps
  • Streaming:32,64,128 kbps

Hughes 9201 BGAN TerminalHughes 9201 Terminal

  • Terminal Size:8x11x2
  • Speed:492kbps/492kbps
  • Voice:RJ11 or Bluetooth
  • Streaming:32,64,128, 256 kbps.
  • WIFI Equipped
$19.99 $99.95 $279.95
$21.99 $119.99 $349.95
$25.99 $174.95 $399.95
Prepaid Airtime Options Cost/MB COST
11 MB Prepaid Airtime $8.36/MB $92.00
30 MB Prepaid Airtime $8.36/MB $230.00
55 MB Prepaid Airtime $8.36/MB $460.00
110 MB Prepaid Airtime $8.36/MB $920.00
275 MB Prepaid Airtime $8.36/MB $2300.00
550 MB Prepaid Airtime $8.36/MB $4600.00
 Monthly Service Plans   Service Fee  Background IP Data Included*
 Standard  $79.00
 $21/Month Credit. Can be used for Voice or Data
 Entry  $119.00
 20 MB/Mo.
 Mid-Level  $449.00
 100 MB/Mo.
 High-Level  $2,749.00
 750 MB/Mo.
 Super-Level  $5,849.00
 2 GB/Mo.
 Rate for Additional  Data*   Contract Length (Months)   Voice
 $6.39/MB  12  $.99/Min
 $6.29/MB  3, 6 or 12  $.99/Min
 $5.99/MB  6 or 12  $.99/Min
 $4.99/MB  12  $.99/Min
 $3.99/MB  12  $.99/Min

Note: MB = 1 Megabyte of data. A minimum of one 11MB airtime purchase is required with each terminal rental. Unused airtime is not refundable. Additional airtime in excess of that purchased is billed at $6.99 per Megabyte. Prepaid airtime does not include voice call airtime. Voice calls will be charged at a $1.29/min rate after your rental terminal is returned to Globalcom. The Minumum rental period is one week.Rental terminals are shipped with internet access and voice calling enabled. Steaming and other services are available on rental terminals at the following rates:
All leases subject to Terms and Conditions of the GlobalCom Lease Agreement and do not include shipping, insurance, security deposits and shipping/handling of leased terminals to customer location. Customer is responsible for any importations fees if applicable with their Inmarsat BGAN terminals. Click Here To View The World Wide Coverage Map.To arrange an Inmarsat satellite BGAN rental, download this document, print it, fill it out, and fax it to our GlobalCom offices.Learn more about Globalstar Satellite Phone RentalsLearn more about Iridium Satellite Telephone Rentals