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Solaris Solar Panel (foldable) 12 Watt

  • Solaris Solar Panel (foldable) 12 Watt
  • Brand: Globalstar
  • Product Code: 12watt
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $359.00

GlobalCom offers solar chargers from Brunton. All solar chargers are certified by either Iridium or Globalstar to work with their satellite phones. Solar chargers provide portable energy when you're away from power. Satellite phones can be charged while on the go or while stationary.

GlobalCom is proud to offer Solaris products, the most trusted name in portable energy devices. The Solaris foldable solar charger provides an excellent choice for Globalstar, Iridium, Thuraya and Inmarsat satellite phone users who require lightweight, portable power. Achieve peace of mind knowing that you have a remote, portable power source for your Globalstar satellite phone, anywhere you trek or work on the planet! Phone not included.

Highlights Easy to stow: Folds to fit in your pocket! Portable: Weighs just 1 lb (.4kg). Practical: Charge the phone while on the move. Smart: Be prepared for any emergency.

Product Features Fully certified and tested for use with the Globalstar GSP 1600 & 1700 satellite phone and all Iridium models. Talk all day on your Globalstar phone connected to the Solaris 12 watt solar charger in sunny conditions. Incorporates the most advanced thin-film, solar cells available Charges the Globalstar GSP 1600 & 1700 battery in approx. 3 hours in full sun. One year warranty. Grommets allow tie-down for stationary charging or when on the go. Includes Female Adaptor, FA-1T. Requires Globalstar Auto Accessory Adapter CLA-1600 (not included).

Dimensions and Weight Folded: 9" (229mm) x 5" (127mm) x 0.7" (18mm) Unfolded: 29.5" (749mm) x 18" (457mm) x 0.03" (0.75mm) Weight: 0.9 lb (0.4kg) Max Power to Weight Ratio: 13.3 watt/lb (30 watt/kg) Electrical & Thermal Specifications Electrical Characteristics Typical Current (milliamps) at STC* (at 11V) 800 Nominal Operating Voltage 12V CLA** Typical Power (Watts) at STC* 11 Maximum Limit for Open Circuit Voltage 15.6V Maximum Power (Watts) 12

Thermal Characteristics Power (% / C) -0.6 Voltage (% / C) -0.6 Cell Temperature Operating Range 40oF to 176oF / 40oC to 80oC

* Data at Standard Test Conditions (STC) STC: Irradiance level 1,000W / m2, spectrum AM 1.5 and cell temperature 25oC ** Cigarette Lighter Adapters (CLAs) typically operate best between 11V and 14.5V

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