Iridium Beam RST200A Iridium Fixed Site Terminal


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Iridium Beam RST200A Iridium Fixed Site Terminal includes AC/DC Power Supply, Mounting Brackets, RS232 Data Cable, Manual, CD. Requires RST970 Intelligent handset for voice and SMS. This unit does not include a RJ11 connection.  External antenna and antenna cable are required.


  •     Supports Intelligent Data Applications
  •     Iridium Voice & Data Services
  •         SMS / SMSMO
  •         Voice Mail
  •         Crew Calling
  •     Ship Security Alert System
  •         Tracking & Monitoring Capable
  •         Intelligent Processor & Interface
  •     Remote Polling of Log Port
  •     Polling via SMS / SBD
  •     Secure SIM Card Enclosure
  •     Supports Intelligent Handsets
  •     Full Diagnostic LEDs
  •     Remote or Local Master Reset
  •     Local and Remote Configuration
  •     External Ringer available
  •     Low power consumption
  •     Supports Back up Battery
  •     Incorporates Call Logging
  •     Fully Certified

Market Applications

The RST200A is designed for all remote communications applications for mobile or fixed use in the following markets; Maritime, Transport, Defence, Emergency Services, Mining, Construction, Telemetry and Security.

Global Coverage
The Iridium Satellite network provides global coverage from pole to pole and the use of low powered antennas ensures the Beam communication terminal provides a truly global solution.

Modem Emulation

The RST200A emulates the functionality of a Hayes compatible modem. It provides a socket for the subscriber to connect a conventional serial RS232 device.

The user operates the connected equipment as though using a normal dial-up data service or modem connection.

Intelligent Handset Interface

The Beam Intelligent Handset, RST970, is an ideal accessory for voice and SMS communications. The handset is compact, lightweight, easy to install and comes complete with hang-up cup, in-built ringer and mounting bracket. 

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