Thrane & Thrane Explorer 500 BGAN Terminal EXP-500


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The Explorer 500 BGAN terminal (TT-EXP-500) from Thrane & Thrane is one of the smaller terminals in the BGAN line. It support a POTS voice handset via its RJ-11 jack. Max speed is 448 kbps transmit and 464 kbps receive. Bluetooth handsets are supported. The EXP-500 terminal product line has been purchased by Cobham, and is now called the Cobhan Explorer 500.

Thrane and Thrane Explorer 500 BGAN Terminal Featrues:

  • Talk on the phone
  • Download and send e-mails
  • Surf the Internet at speeds up to 464 kbps
  • Log on to your corporate Intranet
  • Transfer files
  • Use standard encryption such as VPN
  • Securely send and receive faxes (EXPLORER 500 only)
  • Send text message

Explorer 500 BGAN Brochure

Explorer 500 BGAN User Manual

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