Satellite Phone Current Promotions at GlobalCom

Current Globalcom Satellite Phone Promotions

$200.00 Special Offer

Save up to $200.00 on the new GSP-1700 when you trade in your current GSP1600 phone. Learn More

New Lower Roaming Rates

New Lower Roaming Rates from $1.39 from Mexico to the U.S. Now calls (outside) the U.S., Canada or Eastern Caribbean are only a flat rate of $1.39 per minute while traveling in most countries including Mexico. Enjoy the lowest rates in the industry for virtually every call to and from the US. $1.99 for all other countries including Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Egypt, French Antilles, Guyana, Paraguay, and Suriname. Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru are $3.15 per minute. These are flat rates calling back to the U.S,. calls to other countries could incur additional International Long distance charges.

Special Off Season Rental Rates

Now rent a Globalstar satellite phone for only $59.99 a week or $195.95 per month. These are our lowest satellite telephone rental rates ever.

Instant $104.00 Rebate

Instant $104.00 Rebate off the price of a New Globalstar Phone, or a Globalstar To Go Kit! Requires Activation. Calls are now as low as .14 cents per minute.

Globalstar Demo Phones & To Go Kits Are Back

Demo Globalstar satellite phones are back in limited supply starting from $495.00 each. Includes Hand Held Globalstar phone, AC wall charger, and Battery. Calls are now as low as .14 cents per minute.


Break FREE from the Limits of Cellular with our New Globalstar Satellite phone with rates as low as .14¢ per minute! This is our lowest rate Ever! Use your phone from virtually anywhere. With Globalstar’s easy to use hand held phone you never will worry about being out of touch again.

<Receive Text Messages FREE!!

Now you can receive text messages over the display of you Globalstar phone from anyone with access to the Internet for FREE!

Liberty Pooled Minutes: Customers can now pool the Liberty Plan minutes across multiple phones. This is a great advantage to customers that may have heavy users that use the majority of the minutes while the light users use a minimum amount of minutes. The Liberty plans are great for seasonal or emergency management customers that may only use the phones during short periods because the Liberty plan minutes are good for use anytime during the year. Each phone would need to be subscribed to the same Liberty plan billed to the same account. An example is if you have ten phones each with the Liberty 600 plan you have available 6000 pooled minutes to use anytime during the year.


Learn more about our Fixed Maritime Satellite Phone