Inmarsat Capsat Fleet 77

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Capsat Fleet 77 is a communications terminal offering cost-effective and high-speed voice and data communication based on either the MPDS protocol with constant 24/7 online access of 64 kbps ISDN. The standard Capsat Fleet 77 package has a transceiver and an antenna together with a cradle and handset. The terminal is an integrated communications center giving links to fax machines, phones and even ship-board computer networks. 

Simple Installation
With its lightweight and antenna and compact transceiver, the Capsat Fleet 77 terminal is quick and easy to install. The tracking antenna has a diameter of just 84 cm, is 85 cm high and weighs 25 kg. The antenna is line-replaceable, can be located up to 70 meters from the transceiver and features a bottom flap for simple maintenance access.

Rapid Configuration
The Capsat Fleet 77 transceiver has a constant two-way link to Inmarsat satellites providing Inmarsat Fleet MPDS communications. User-friendly software and the accompanying CD-ROM offers easy configuration from a standard PC, and if necessary, the configuration module can be transferred with its memory-resident data to a replacement receiver with the need for reconfiguration.

Shipboard Communications Hub
The Capsat Fleet 77 transceiver and antenna supply the hub for online communications constantly via pay phones, desktop phones, DECT phones and fax machines. Together with an IP router, the Capsat Fleet 77 terminal is able to integrate the vessel 24 hours a day with on-shore management systems via the Web, including all Internet services from all shipboard PC workstations.

Save Time And Money With MPDS
MPDS is a digital communications technology that packages data in a way that permits it to be sent in discrete packets through channels shared by other users. Individual users will only be charged for the amount of data they actually send, instead of the time the channel remains open. This means they can constantly stay online while significantly reducing the costs of actual transmissions. MPDS is the most convenient and economic solution for e-mail, small to medium size file transfer, and constant online access to corporate intranets, extra-nets, databases, applications, and Internet services. MPDS transforms remote vessel into another node on the operators worldwide network, which brings it within instant 24 hour reach, seven days a week.

Constant Reach And Access
The Capsat Fleet 77 terminal means that VPNs (virtual private networks) and LANs (local area networks) take on a whole new meaning, which encompasses the globe every minute of every day. MPDS enables VPNs and LANs to offer ships at sea constant access to filing systems, knowledge bases, notice boards, communications media and even e-commerce. Position reporting, weather reports, electronic charts, maintenance schedules and automatic equipment and machinery surveillance reports can now receive and transmit as if the ship was in the office next door. Also, the Capsat Fleet 77 terminal enables direct ISDN connection, for example for transmission of larger files and documents.

The Web Rules The Waves
The web is also always available with the Capsat Fleet 77, providing a wide range of services to both ship’s officers and crew. These include Internet access, e-mail, news services, e-learning, and even tele-medicine if the situation suddenly requires it. Crew members can stay in touch with their families and loved ones 24 hours a day via e-mail with access to send and receive pictures or even video clips.

Pay Per Megabit, Not Per Second
The charges for several hours of leisure amount or online work to no more than the cost of the actual flow of data. When idle time is usually 85% or more, the benefits of paying for what you actually use are obvious.

Q&A Is Fleet 77 The Marine Version Of The M-4/GAN?
While offering many of the services provided by the Inmarsat GAN, Fleet 77 offers a lot more, such as global coverage and GMDSS safety and distress features.

Isn’t Fleet 77 The Same As The Inmarsat B?
Fleet 77 provides many of the features of Inmarsat B such as GMDSS, HSD and global coverage, but is also offers the advantages of a simple “plug-and-play” ISDN connectivity, a much smaller antenna, and all the new MPDS data services. Also, Fleet 77 has been designed to smoothly transition to the next (4th) generation of Inmarsat Satellites.

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